Kingston city offers to the music tourist, and specially to the reggae dancehall lover,  something unique in its own way : plenty of studios to visit, artists to meet and greet, live stages to enjoy, sound systems, and various other dancing events declined from strictly yardy to trendy celebrity events.

“A wise man seeks by music to strengthen his soul.” – Conficius

Kingston has a very rich musical heritage and Abana Magazine is promoting it through our musical news media and also our “One Day In Kingston” Packages. Music is a wonderful tool of communication between different people. Music also rejuvenate the mind and the body.

Music My life

Since many years we have lauched now a series of tourism initiatives to celebrate the Jamaican music and support the local positive energies from this island. Kingston is a vibrant capital city offering unique and exciting musical experiences. Music fans of the Jamaican music can find out on this website about the latests gigs, music news, music events and top djs mixtapes.