Travelling to Jamaica or planning a trip soon? We have everything you need to know for you to plan your dreamy vacation perfectly. The Jamaican unit of currency is the Jamaican dollar (JMD). The Jamaican dollar has a value that can fluctuate between 110 to 120 $JMD for 1 dollar.

US dollars are pretty well accepted in Jamaica, especially at hotels and international agencies and can be essential to bring to keep lots of money until converting it in JMD dollars. Get ready to pay in JMD dollars when dining at local restaurants, taking public transportation and all what is not offered directly from your hotel.

Tips & Travel costs

The bottle of water costs minimum 100 JMD$. Just like everything everywhere in the world, dining and restaurants  in Kingston can vary in price, whether you’re on a budget, looking to save or looking for an all-inclusive dining + lodging option, there’s a little something for everyone in Kingston. The fast food meal costs a minimum of 500 JMD$. Budget travelers or “doing as the locals do” travelers tend to take the bus and to gravitate around cost as low as 100 JMD$ per travel. Mid-range travelers usually takes taxi to move around the city. Taxi ride can cost from 100 JMD$ to 2000 JMD$, even more depending on which area of the city or around the city you are visiting. Budget guest house can start at 15 US$, midrange locations are around 40 US$, high-end hotels & impressive house or hotels starts at 100 US$.