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Kingston is known to be an expensive city, regardless if you’re visiting or living there. But the deep knowledge of the city can make you save much. Because we love you we will make sure you can save and that no expensive price doesn’t keep you from enjoying the city on a budget. Kingston can be a great city to explore with or without a big bank account.  There are somefantastic and free places to chill for those who are on the tightest budget possible. There are also plenty places where you can spend abondantly your money. All is just there in Kingston city!

There are several tourist attractions that have to be done in Kingston and around the city. Even if you come in Kingston for a quickie week end escape, contact Abana Magazine as a local expert to create the best and testiest experience in this city.

On The Road Again

Take the road with Abana Magazine Escape Team and get to know the best attractions, plus where to eat, where to go shopping, where to go partying, where to go sleeping. Kingston’s nightlife has a little something for everyone, you will have to choose what to do and where to stay : or enjoy a drink in one of the many bars of the city or a food in one of the many restaurants, or dance the night away, or relax around the Dub Club enjoying the view of the entire city.