What do you prefer about music :the entertainment part of it or the real science of it? Don’t you know? Let me tell you this : Nowadays you are trapped, depending on the vision you have, in one of the two following perceptions of music.

Perception 1: Its knowledge by the practice of the backstage as a free spirit or your heart open to the sound of truth and the reality : if it is the case you made already the choice to take the red pill.
Perception 2: Its falsehood by accepting strictly the “judgement” given by the media and by defending the blissful ignorance of the soul to be only enchanted by gold, fame and success : in this case you made the choice to take the blue pill.
It is not science fiction, you are not in the 1999 movie “The Matrix”. Welcome in the media and business industry within dancehall music in 2017.

And what is happening in 2017 ? Incarcerated superstar Vybz Kartel aka the world boss is in jail. Alkaline is competing “by any means necessary” to get acknowledged with the title of “Young Boss”. In the background, the “hype” crowd composed by others artists such as Movado, Masicka, Aidonia, Popcaan, Senshea, Ishwana etc… who are in a promotional mode through sexual/porn controversies and “marketing” feuds, or as part of Gaza (i.e Vybz Kartel), or as part of Vendetta (i.e Alkaline), and for the majority left part of the gully side. During this time the dancehall music lovers is listening and / or commenting the news. They have the choice between the support of one or another artist. Few are unpartial, or in a global critic of what is going on. So when one article or media review blast a news against Vybz Kartel for example, all the gaza fans are supposed to get mad and to express it online. Same thing is supposed to happen when the vendetta fans or gully fans, etc… are concerned. The most epic case for 2017 happened in february with Lisa Hanna, a jamaican politician, who used her authority to suggest the necessity of banning Vybz Kartel from airwaves in order to fight against violence in Jamaica. Social media users and fans of Vybz Kartel reacted sending back to her huge critics and words that have been even considered as threats. The media made the coverage focusing mainly on the report of the death threats by the politician and investigations launched by the police. That is when some crucial questions started to pop up in my head of publicist and press agent.


QUESTION 1 : These news are they created to keep the minds of the dancehall fans under some kind of controls?
QUESTION 2 : The gossip news media are they able or not to analyse independently and critically what is expressed by the fans on Internet?
QUESTION 3 : if not who or what kind of network is ordering to those “hype” gossip dancehall media how to cover the news?

To be honest, I could not answer these questions without a doubt until some bugs happened in the dancehall “matrix” revealing to me the nonsense within it. And the main nonsense among all appeared with the name of Kasanova, a rising jamaican artist who pretends be the ghostwriter of … Alkaline. Here a review of the story online and the coverage of this story by the media.

The Onstage’s Videos : Kasanova Vs Winford

The unexpected buzz by Kasanova Onstage

onstage stats english

Apparently Kasanova’s appearance in this TV show is from far the most popular one among all the recent videos, scoring +81k in 1 week after having been uploaded online. Two others videos are featuring Kasanova on this channel and the number of views are higher than Dexta Daps videos for instance. Let’s have a look now among the most popular video which scores around 80k views (see screenshot below) and rather for you to note that most of those popular video with 80k views were uploaded 1 year ago, or (for only one video) two months ago. As a simple comment I would say that the score recorded with the Onstage video featuring Kasanova, Lisa Hype and Jah Cure is remarquable due to the short delay of time to reach it.

popular video onstage english

Let’s compare below as well the number of views reached between Kasanova and Sensheea who is presented as the “hottest dancehall phenomena of 2017”.

onstage stats 2 english

The unexpected wide coverage by the gossip media online

Dancehallhiphop.com, tropixs.com, miamimusiccbuzz.com, yardhype.com, worldwideentertainment.com, dancehallkenya.com, worldwidehiphoptv, the jamaican star, newstreetsociety.com, irepdancehall.com, madaroad.com, britishlinkz.com or whatspoppinmusic.com, just to name a few of these webmedia specialized in the gossip news in dancehall hiphop, all those media have blasted days after on their own site the information which first came rebroadcasted by the Onstage TV show and concerning Kasanova who was explaining the formula behind Alkaline. This phenomena should be called as a “buzz” considering as well the numerous videos uploaded by gossip dancehall commentors.
However, the main focus of most of these “different” media were not about:
– to find out the reasons behind the buzz
– to go find Alkaline and hear what the young boss will respond
– to start investigate in the past of these two artists to find out what it was about
– to evaluate the potential consequences of this buzz for Kasanova
– to evaluate the potential “impact” of Kasanova on Alkaline’s musical carreer
– to expose the musical talent of Alkaline vs Kasanova
The focus were concentrated around both following topics
– Kasanova “Alkaline Is China made” Talks Vybz Kartel Influence (which is the title of the article posted on dancehallhiphop & their network)
– Foota Hype chides Kasanova for Alkaline similarities (which is the title taken on dancehallstars from the jamaican star)

media mind control

Why the diagnostic of the mainstream gossip media is nonsense?

I thought the mainstream media would explain the reason of the buzz with a clear logic behind or give any reason to explain why they decide to make a feature of this news on their pages. But honestly I can’t understand why the Jamaican Star commentory is only concerned by Foota Hype stating (like Winford did during his Onstage interview) about Kasanova similarities in sound and appearance because that is clearly the purpose of the rising artist Kasanova (to reveal that he is the teacher). Is Foota Hype representing for Alkaline? Who decided to write this post : Foota Hype or the Jamaican Star? Moreover, it is like if Foota Hype can not comment much more than that and that those similarities have to “impact” only Kasanova (the ghostwriter) rather than Alkaline. Indeed it is the first time i hear that a “big” artist is not unique in his sound and appearance and the blame is directed on the so called “copy”. In my point of view this should impact more the artist who is the most famous. Michael Jackson or Bob Marley have none artist who can compete with them even after death for instance. They are in this case “unique”, and for this reason I can understand why they can be considered as legends… I can’t understand as well why the big “news” in Kasanova’s Onstage interview is supposed to be spotted on Vybz Kartel’s influence on Alkaline. It is so evident that Alkaline copy the most part of his appearance and style from the world boss : the bleaching, the title “(young vs world) boss”, the tattooes, the “illuminati” signs and so on… 3 or 4 years after the rise of Alkaline, my comment is : or this is nonsense or these media waste their time debating on some topics that only make consideration to whom is physically blind or to whom stands outside the dancehall arena.

vybz kartel bleach
collagealka copying kartel

Note : For those who think that I was about to skip the gossip concerning the “badmind” ghostwriter (Kasanova) who can’t rise and that’s the reason why he exposes Alkaline, watch this very interesting video below (MixUpAndTings Youtube Chanel), subscribe to the chanel and comment over there your views.

The unexpected reactions of the social media users

Due to the buzz, the common sense for any of these media (reviewing this topic after the Onstage TV show) would have been to try hearing what the social media users are saying now. In my side for instance, I can base my diagnostic on the comments, like and reactions recorded on Abana Magazine Facebook Fanpage with the post titled “Kasanova Exposes Alkaline As A fraud Onstage – Listen His New Single Now You Know” posted since May 16 2017. Twelve days after (On May 28), this post displays about +30k views, 2k clicks and several comments : statistically I can use those data in order to validate my commentories written below.

facebook ads

What do i see?
– The topic is trendy due to the number of views. The buzz is evident!
– The Vendetta fans are not so numerous in proportion. They are recognisable by their comments rather full of agressivity. I have noticed as well that some are real social media users. They are more than fans maybe it is even a job for them.
– Plenty of people are expressing their interest for Kasanova by clicking on the “like” button while a minority clicked on the “dislike” icon.
– Some are commenting just to represent Gaza everywhere Vendetta is concerned.
– The comments express more than a like or dislike. It is a large diversity of opinions, views and questions that the gossip news media have skip, reducing the whole debate to a question : who is copying who?


In my opinion, this story created a buzz because it is touching the essence of things, connecting different part of everybody’s reality, because it rises questions at many levels, starting from daily life topics such as friendship, loyalty in the friendship, bad mind in a relationship and personal progress. Furthermore, it breaks out the myth of a success to reveal the good and the bad behind the making of a star. It reveals at a musical level the “Dancehall” matrix as a virtual marketing paradise controlled by the major media outlets. It is also about the power of the music as science that can conquer the heart of the people without no need of money. And if all of this is accurate, my article encourages us to question the logic embraced by the dancehall media, their will to reflect us or not, and in if not to turn us as passive recipients.
We must realized that our views count in the construction of the musical world we belong. We can not just applaude when the dancehall media ask us to do so!

collage fake news

The dancehall matrix is a network which don’t want you to see the power of the real music

This Is Your Last Chance To Know Everything About The Dancehall Matrix

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