Music is the highest science after astronomy. Hence, for the non musician it is always wiser to not under-estimate an artist taking action. And since 2017, there are a lots of artists who are breaking out the Dancehall “Formula” to diss Alkaline. After Kasanova in May, this month of June is another musical time that is offering a confrontion between Black Ryno’s song titled “Blue Print” and Alkaline’s single “Impact”. Remember Kasanova, the former schoolmate of Alkaline, told Onstage that with Alkaline they studied everybody in Gaza around Vybz Kartel in order to breaking out of the “formula”.
Since then, Alkaline is the most hot topic online for the gaza fans, and “gaza” Black Ryno just added his contribution on June 4 with an original short video comparing his song titled “Blue Print” (June 2016) with the single “Impact” (May 2017) of Alkaline. The same day, couples of videos appeared on different dancehall youtube chanels to comment and evaluate the similarities between both songs. The commentories are without appeal against Alkaline and in support of Black Ryno. Here some video titles : “Alkaline Thief Black Ryno Blue Print To Make An Impact..[yeti boss tv]”, “Black Ryno Responds to Alkaline Stealing His Song Blue Print To Make Impact”, “Alkaline Steal Blak Ryno ‘Blue Print’ And Made Impact”, “Alkaline theif blak ryno blue print & turns it into impact 2017 prove”,

The most amazing part of the story is that the single “Blue print” was a lyrical song against Alkaline.

Black Ryno Breaking Out The “Blue Print” Formula For Success Behind Alkaline’s “Impact” Single

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