Wednesday July 5, Harry Toddler meets and greets the team of photographers and cameraman from Graffiti Emsi at Downsound Records (New Kingston, Jamaica). The veteran and international star stays true to his fans in dropping a surprise video to give a partial preview of his collaborative project with the Rulaz, the new lions of the dancefloor, and in featuring the four dancers among the Rulaz who will be with Harry Toddler on the “road to Sumfest” : Shankle Dip, Shelly Belly, Blazey and John Hype.

A live performance of Harry Toddler aka the “blond ras” and the Rulaz is actually scheduled on Friday night, July 21, 2017 at the 25th celebrations of the Reggae Sumfest Festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The video preview of what the Rulaz and the Blond Ras will have to offer is now made available in a 5 minutes video titled “Harry Toddler & The Rulaz : Road To Sumfest” that you can watch on youtube.

The show in Montego Bay will include some of the classic songs of Harry Toddler and some of his best 2017 songs such as “Middle East”, “Dubaï” (ft Ikle Marvellous), “Rulaz” and “Bad Man No Dresses Like Girl”, “Dance the Angel”, just to name a few. Those looking for an entertaining dancehall moment will appreciate the full-lenght of this project and the energetic waves coming out of a Harry Toddler’s show.

This “Road to Sumfest” video is also an opportunity for Harry Toddler to present Expensive, another artist member of the Rulaz, who is also featured on his new song titled “Rulaz”. The official video of “Rulaz” is on the making. Expensive will be also on stage at the Sumfest Festival alongside Harry Toddler, Shankel Dip, Blazey, John Hype, Shelly Belly, Ickel Marvellous, Tuffa Lie and also Bucky Marshall.

Fans who want to anticipate the Reggae Sumfest live performance have a chance to meet with Harry Toddler and his Rulaz on Friday night, July 14, 2017 at his birthday party, taking place at Central Road Kencott, Kingston 10.

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Harry Toddler & The Rulaz : Road To Sumfest 2017 Surprise Video For Fans

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