Yes! You can now dowload Frass Judgement’s new Song titled “All Da Style Ya” For Free. The new Portmore Ambassador is back with new single with lyrics that appear to be in response to various artists in the dancehall arena who “diss honour” Vybz Kartel and the Gaza Empire. (Adi Bad Gad’s New Badniss Guide)

Frass Judgement aka the Bad Gad is ready to endore his honorable title of 2017 Portmore Ambassador. His first musical project after his coronation starts with the recording of a new song to “diss honour” various artists who “diss respect” Vybz Kartel and the Gaza (Portmore) Empire. The song is available for listening on youtube and free download on various website media or musical platforms.

Adidja Azim Palmer, (born 7 January 1976) better known as Vybz Kartel, is currently serving 35 years in jail. After five years in prison, he still rules the dancehall scene. However since, the jamaican dancehall arena is the scene of continuous confrontations between the most reknown gaza artists such as Black Ryno, Tommy Lee Sparta, Storm Shawn, Spice and the Vendetta Boss Alkaline.

Vybz Kartel is also taking his part in the feud. Since January, many media have reported that Vybz Kartel released tracks taking aim at Alkaline. In May, the “world boss” official website endorsed rising artist Kasanova to expose Alkaline as a fraud copy of Vybz Kartel.

Time for “Adi Bad Gad” to uplift the feud between the dancehall artiste Alkaline and Gaza in reminding that Vybz Kartel is still the ruler of dancehall and he has brought out to the world an identity to Portmore with the Gaza Empire. With Frass Judgement on board, Portmore have now a new ambassador who is not afraid to shake the whole dancehall block. The Bad Gad is also coming with the mission to design a “new badness” for Gaza through the power of art, music and entertainment. Artistically, Frass Judgement will couple his music to a significant symbol for him ; the “Black Panther” as the symbol of courage, valor and power. Musically, Frass Judgement will record some songs dedicated to Portmore. He is also working to drop before 2018 a new album.