ABANA MAGAZINE How would you define yourself in music? What are your main accomplishments? Have you some particular dream you working for through music? And which advice would you give to the youth who want to make it in music or production?
DJ BLIZZARD Dwayne Dj Blizzard Music Hibbert  is best defined as an innovative mind. I have had a range of achievements which include being apart of 2 major hit songs over the past few years, Harry Toddler  Feat Ikel Marvelous ” Dubai” and “Lifestyle Rich” Feat. Tanto blacks. Dj Blizzard Music aspires to make a mark in history through exceptional music and new sound while expanding on his catalogue. As a musician I encourage all upcoming acts to learn the business side if the industry and take the time to master your craft.

ABANA MAGAZINE What are your current musical projects? And what project is coming next ?
DJ BLIZZARD Currently Dj Blizzard music is now promoting a range of singles released on his label recently which Includes Platinum selling  Billboard artiste  Sizzla Feat Lexi “Good Vibes”, Harry Toddler Feat. Dj Blizzard “Lebron”, Harry Toddler “Jerk Pan”, Lutan Fyah “One link” just to name a few. All these projects are now available on all digital platforms. Dwayne Dj Blizzard Music Hibbert has now decided to express the artistic side of himself with his stage name being “Blizzi” and is now working on his debut EP titled “Legacy”.

ABANA MAGAZINE Did you follow the reggae sumfest? If yes what is your review on it? Apparently, artist Tifa said that there is too much favorism in music. What is your views on that? What is your point of view about the situation of the jamaican dancehall music industry today?
DJ BLIZZARD Being Harry Harry Toddler’s Road Manager / Music Producer Dj Blizzard was in attendance of the 25th anniversary staging of Reggae Sumfest. Reggae Sumfest was a wonderful experience and i was happy to be apart of such a grand production. Personally Blizzi has no opinions or thoughts on Tifa’s statment, however dancehall today is growing and evolving and has gotten global recognition as a culture.

ABANA MAGAZINE Is the jamaican culture heritage is in danger or not? Which is your favorite national hero?
DJ BLIZZARD Jamaican culture is admired across the world by young and old and should continue to be celebrated by those molded and grown by the Jamaica’s influence. I have no favorite national hero but i do admire that they all fought towards a greater cause much bigger than themselves.

ABANA MAGAZINE What is your favorite bush tea? What is your favorite place to chill in Jamaica?
DJ BLIZZARD I would say my favorite bush tea is mint tea and anywhere in Jamaica is great to as everyone free to explore!

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Published at 2016, July 03
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