NEW KIDZ (HD) artist promo session

Artist New Kidz HD
Photoshoot by Team Graffiti Emsi
Location New Kingston Jamaica
Date August 27 2017
New Kidz HD is currently one of the most skilled and versatile independant jamaican artist with the ability to keep his music produced both in a reggae and a dancehall style. New Kidz HD’s latest album is titled “Check”. It is a full reggae music recording. To round off this album, it’s time for New Kidz to get ready for the road, presenting each track of this release to his fans. Followers are invited to keep up with all updates via social media, radio airplays and Abana Magazine.

NEW KIDZ (HD) CHECK showcase on soundcloud

NEW KIDZ (HD) biography

“Check Everything” and “Do the right thing”, words New Kidz lives by. This has guided him into is entry in the world of music. He has created waves when he blazed on the dancehall scene at an early age and made the transition from a hard core dance hall deejay to reggae singjay smoothly. He has creatively used the two genres, complimented with his gravelled tone voice to create his own unique sound. “Just smile” insists Kidz in his 2009 recording. It’s hard to imagine this philosophy comes from a man whose childhood was tainted by bloodshed; a man whose former house now stands with shattered walls and the corner shop he used to frequent, indented by bullets. But maybe that’s his reason for smiling – his journey has been long and tedious – but well worth the climb. “When I sing about smiling, it’s not really about having a rough day; it’s about having a rough day and living through it,” explains Kidz.

Born Anthony Bennett on November 17, 1976 in Downtown Kingston, Kidz never shyed away from talking about his upbringing, his struggles and joys, simply because he has learned to transform life’s obstacles into his own musical theatre – poignant songs that chronicle and explore the horrific realities of street life while others, are at times unmistakably interwoven with satirical humor. Though extravagant niceties took a backseat to more important fees, thanks to Kidz’ father, Lebert Bennett, their home was never without music. Within the realms of the small concrete and board structure, a tiny but powerful sound system echoed the mellow Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and Thriller U tunes of the day. At age 12, Kidz relocated with his family to Duhaney Park, St. Andrew, and by age 14, his musical aspirations began to take shape.

While still a student at Clancarthy High School in Vineyard Town, St. Andrew, he began playing on the La Benz sound system, owned by fellow deejay, Spragga Benz and Ricky Villa; though he did this for a few years, his ultimate goal was to display his own lyrical skills. Kidz eventually took the plunge by himself and in 1998 dropped a homemade compilation of his works, Keep It Real. Though the project wasn’t met with much fanfare, it created a keyhole for his childhood friend, Q45 to further unlock his fate. Q45, who had by then established himself as a dancehall managerial/producing force, was impressed with Kidz’ self-determination and latent artistry and took the budding young talent under his wing. “When I started working with Q45 that was my first time going into a real studio,” Kidz recalls. “That was where I learned about being in the business and what it was like being among stars.” Everything he learned, soon manifested itself in the form of his first radio single, “Help” on the Dirty Money riddim, which also featured the established acts, Capleton, Lexxus and Elephant Man.

In 2004, armed with his pen, passion and aptitude, Kidz entered the pearly gates of Gargamel Music, Inc., the upstart label, owned by international dancehall and reggae icon, Buju Banton. “I started hanging out (at the studio), but Buju was always so busy on tours, but when he came back I would always be there. I told him I was freelancing at that time and him say ok, mek me and him start par. Is just a natural ting how it happened.” Under the guidance of Gargamel, New Kidz enhanced his stagecraft, lyrical quality, time management and overall understanding of the music industry; but he has always maintained his humility, drive and individuality. “Even though, at that time I was around Buju I still had to be myself; I had to be New Kidz. I wasn’t going to sit and wait for Buju to tell me to do a song, how to do the song and how to write it. To make a difference, you must stay focused on the music and work hard” he says.
New Kidz has recorded a number of memorable cuts for the Gargamel label, including “Man A Gallis” on the 100 Watt riddim, “Flava” on the Golden Tree riddim and “Curfew” with mentor Buju Banton, a socially conscious combo featured on the Buju Banton Presents: Jamrock Classics Vol. 1 compilation.

Now standing firm as the flagship artist at TruckBack Studio’s, Kidz has spent the past couple months completing his debut Reggae Album “CHECK” with producer Adrian Locke of LockeCity Music Group and Steve Locke of TruckBack Records. With the promotional plan for that Album set it place, He has diligently been crafting new songs for a Dancehall Album, with a slew of the island’s top producers including Arthur Wale, Teetimus, Claims Records, John John, and TP Productions. Far from one-dimensional, his recent repertoire balances the hard core songs: “Nuh Fear” and “Zero The Game”, the downright sexy: “Go Go Dancer” and “Tip Up pon Yu Toe”, to collaborations with: Lady Saw and international Rapper/Movie Star, Eve – “Money Green”, Beenie Man -“Daddaaayyy”, and the current dancehall hit “Street Pledge” featuring label mates Ding Dong and Baby Chris.

Anthony “New Kidz” Bennett may boast many styles but he is indeed one of a kind. While he sees the despair and gloom of the ghetto, he also sees life’s beautiful moments and is able to bring that portrait of life to his music. With an air of unpretentious certainty, New Kidz states, “I just want to be seen as a person who made a difference inside and outside music…. Someone the youth want to listen to and be like.”

New Kidz HD Photoshoot For Abana Magazine August 2017

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